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Weird The Last of Us Clip Shows Ellie Using a ‘Super Arrow’

Weird The Last of Us Clip Shows Ellie Using a ‘Super Arrow’ Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:45 PM

While Ellie’s bow can be incredibly deadly in the right hands, one The Last of Us player encounters an ultra-powerful version of the weapon.

p>The Last of Us is considered by many to be a masterpiece, with the Naughty Dog title selling extremely well and managing to bring in hundreds of awards. However, even The Last of Us is not without its issues, though the latest bug is more helpful than problematic.

This is hardly the only The Last of Us bug gamers have found. Recently, a fan shared a clip of Joel floating into the sky, with the character model glitching out of the map and dying shortly before the game’s beloved giraffe sequence. Prior to that, various gun glitches had been seen, with Ellie randomly getting a pistol in the final scene of the game and one of Joel’s weapons reloading itself. The latest bug is also weapon related, though this one has to do with Ellie’s bow.

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After Joel suffers a near fatal injury, gamers need to play as Ellie for a standout portion of the game’s Winter chapters. While many remember he fight with David fondly, there are also some excellent moments where she must take out groups of enemies just like her mentor and father figure. Normally, a bow shot to the head will take down these foes with ease, as all that is needed to maintain a stealthy approach is some patience and good accuracy. However, Reddit user Skullspidey’s version of the weapon used arrows that were truly overkill.

At the start of the clip that was posted by this The Last of Us fan, an enemy can be seen walking down some stairs as Ellie crouches behind a sign. After the AI moves around their end of the wall, the Redditor does the same, moving in the opposite direction and reaching the staircase. Once there, they see an enemy on top of the steps, though their quick reaction time lets them land a shot before the enemy can warn their allies. However, for some reason this arrow propels the enemy into the air.

The speed and direction in which the enemy flies completely disobeys the laws of physics, as they are not launched back by the arrow at all. Instead, they zoom straight up, hovering in the air before falling onto a rock as they crash to the ground. Alongside hundreds of upvotes, a commenter named BrennanSpeaks was quick to joke that the player “unlocked silent explosive arrows.” Others talked about how challenging this section was in Grounded mode, and they likely wished that they had “super arrows” like the ones from this clip.

With a remake of The Last of Us supposedly in the works, it will be interesting to see if gamers discover any bugs as funny as this one in the updated version. Regardless, those that appreciate silly glitches will always have this clip to enjoy.

The Last of Us is available now on PS3 and PS4.

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