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Weird West: Best Perks to Unlock First

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:40 PM

Weird West players that are trying to determine how to use their Golden Aces of Spaces can find details on the best early-game perks here.

p>Perks provide an opportunity for players to improve their characters in Weird West, and there are 13 of them to select from. Not all perks are created equal, though, and it is wise to prioritize some of them, particularly in the earliest stages of the game. This guide is here to provide recommendations on which perks to unlock first, and it will help players as they work to get established in Weird West.

Weird West: Which Perks to Unlock Early

While many of the perks in Weird West are tailored to fit specific playstyles, there are a handful of general perks that can safely be recommended as good first picks for almost all players. Posse Leader, which boosts the damage output and health of posse members, is perhaps the standout of that group. Indeed, immersive sim fans will begin enlisting the help of others quite early during their playthroughs, and increasing their efficacy in combat can be huge boon at the start.

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Healthy, which increases the player's hit points, and Trail Medic, which increases the amount of health that is recovered from using bandages, are also reasonable perks to take in the early-game. While these are not the most-powerful options, they should help players get their footing while they figure out their preferred playstyles. That said, if a player has already determined how they like to approach combat in Weird West, and they are not struggling to survive, then they may want to forego these two perks and consider the following.

For indie game fans that like to rely on stealth, Ambusher, which increases damage against unaware targets, is a great early pickup, and it is especially potent when coupled with the Sentry Silencer ability. Quick Stealth is also a very good perk for sneaky players, though it is not quite as versatile as Ambusher. And for those players that like to be more aggressive, Bullet Dodger, which increases fire rate during dodge leap, is a strong option to consider at the start.

One last thing to mention is that High Jumper is an excellent perk in Weird West that many players may overlook upon first glance. Indeed, having access to a higher jump will allow fans to reach routes that can be used to approach enemies in unique ways and obtain loot more easily. While players do need to be a bit more proactive to see real benefits from this perk, fans that do not need the more-obvious bonuses that come from things like Healthy and Quick Stealth should absolutely think about picking it up early.

Weird West is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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