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Weird West: What to Do With Nimp Heads

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:10 PM

Weird West players that are trying to determine the intended use for Nimp Heads can find the answers that they seek in this guide.

p>As players explore the strange world of Weird West, they are likely to loot some number of Nimp Heads. Indeed, it is not particularly difficult to track down these ancient relics in relative abundance, though some fans may be confused about what they are to do with them once they have been obtained. This guide is here to shine some light on the matter, and it will help players determine how to use their Nimp Heads in Weird West.

Weird West: What Are Nimp Heads For

To put things simply, Nimp Heads can safely be sold to Doctors at rate of 50 Dollar Coins per head. These NPCs can be found in a number of towns across Weird West's map, including Grackle, and that is a significant amount of money to be sure. Moreover, players can actually perform a trick with Doctors and Nimp Heads that will give them quick access to an endless supply of Dollar Coins.

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Immersive sim fans that are interested in trying out this trick should simply sell their Nimp Heads to a Doctor, loiter until nightfall, and then wait for the NPC to go to sleep. Players can then sneak into the Doctor's office through a window, steal their Nimp Heads back from the Cabinet, and loiter outside until the NPC reopens the establishment in the morning. Now fans can simply resell their Nimp Heads and repeat this process until they have enough Dollar Coins to meet their needs.

To note, it is also possible to buy Nimp Heads back from a Doctor if a player is not comfortable stealing them from their Cabinet. While this approach cannot be used to make an unlimited number of Dollar Coins, as the Doctor will increase the cost of the item, it means that fans can always reclaim their Nimp Heads if they need to. This should not be necessary, though, as no other use for Nimp Heads has been found in the entirety of this indie game.

For players that are looking for other ways to make fast Dollar Coins, selling junk and completing bounties are both good options to pursue. Fans can also consider picking up the Scrounger perk in Weird West, which will increase the amount of money that they find when looting containers. There are definitely better perks to spend Golden Aces of Spades on, though, and it is thus recommended that players try out some other money-making tactics before they turn to this one.

Weird West is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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