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What Capcom's February 2022 Countdown Could Reveal

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:25 PM

Capcom releases a mysterious countdown website, and whatever is revealed once the count concludes, it’s probably going to be big deal for fans.

p>Coming off of January, game industry news is flowing as massive company acquisitions fade into the background. Nintendo and Sony have released their first digital presentations of the year, and the second half of February will be full of gaming news for everything from Dragon Ball to Digimon. Giant titles are also rolling out, with Pokemon Legends: Arceus opening the floodgates for Dying Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, and Elden Ring. Despite industry-wide setbacks caused by the pandemic, 2022 is set to be a monumental year for gaming, and it seems Capcom could follow suit.

Capcom’s roadmap currently consists only of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s summer release. The company is normally very busy supporting several franchises at once, so this silence is deafening. However, something big is coming at the beginning of next week. Capcom has established a “Capcom Countdown” website with a timer that seems to end around 12:00 a.m. EST going into February 21. This website is full of possibilities, and fans are already coming up with a list of theories and hopes.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake

Of all the announcements this countdown could lead to, the biggest would undoubtedly be Resident Evil 4 Remake. The number of rumors and leaks concerning the game is enormous, and recently more information came out. At this point, it's likely not a matter of if Resident Evil 4 will be remade, but when. The font used for the countdown bears some resemblance to Resident Evil's traditional title text, and the countdown website has a dark yet vaguely technological vibe. Now is as good a time as ever to reveal the much-anticipated remake, and Capcom is primed for a strong year if it does.

Resident Evil Village DLC

Resident Evil 4 Remake is not the only Resident Evil project in development right now. The asymmetric multiplayer Resident Evil Re:Verse is still seemingly in the works. Resident Evil Village DLC is also outstanding, with no indication of what it will be and when it will release. Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7 both had excellent DLC offerings, so a lot of fans are excited to see what comes about for Resident Evil Village. Capcom apparently did not have firm plans to give the game DLC before launch, so development started later than it would have for past games. The full brunt of Resident Evil Village’s post-launch plans could be revealed at the end of this countdown, but that seems like a lot of pomp and circumstance for some bonus content.

Street Fighter 6

The other likely culprit at the end of Capcom's countdown is Street Fighter 6, or whatever the next Capcom fighting game project is. Street Fighter 5 wrapped its development, with the last live presentation ending on its developers promising to see fans again soon. All eyes were previously on the week-long Capcom Pro Tour 2021 finale, but that has been canceled and replaced with a series of exhibition matches. These are set to run from February 18 to February 20, and all of them start late in the day. This means the proceedings would end at roughly the same time as the countdown. Street Fighter 6 has been a long time coming, and fans are more than ready to see what comes next for the series.

Other Possible Capcom Reveals

With all that being said, there are a lot of other titles that Capcom could show. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is certainly on fans’ minds, but since it's already known about, there’s a low chance of it being tied to a surprise countdown. Also on the horizon is Pragmata, a game which is still awhile off but has yet to receive a proper reveal. Yet as it has already been revealed, a countdown seems like too much for this alone. Rumored projects for Capcom's future include exciting titles like Dragon's Dogma 2 and Mega Man X9, and who knows what else the company could be cooking up.

It's not impossible that this countdown may lead to a Nintendo Direct-style presentation where multiple games are revealed. The possibilities feel almost endless, and Capcom fans are going to keep a close eye on the countdown website for the rest of this week.

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