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What is Minecraft's One Block At A Time Snapshot?

What is Minecraft's One Block At A Time Snapshot? Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 14:55 PM

Minecraft's One Block At A Time Snapshot is an enjoyable experience that turns the game on its head by changing many key features.

p>Minecraft has come a long way from its simple beginnings, with many new features being added and countless more yet to appear in the game. It is constantly getting updates that improve existing features and add new content that changes numerous gameplay mechanics. Even through the community, mods are created that can make Minecraft a much more complex game. This April Fools, however, Mojang released a snapshot that takes Minecraft back to its roots with a simple philosophy: One block at a time.

The One Block At A Time Snapshot removes numerous Minecraft features to create a hilariously simplistic version of the game. Players no longer use chests or have an inventory, the combat system has been converted to a wrestling system that is also used to herd animals, and crafting seems all but lost. While this snapshot is not the real experience that Mojang wants its fans to have, it would be a great addition to multiplayer servers for spectator players.

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Snapshot 22w13

The One Block At A Time Snapshot is just Mojang playing an April Fool’s joke on its fans before it starts to roll out some serious Wild Update snapshots. Still, this snapshot gives a unique experience for players and delivers tons of excitement, especially in multiplayer mode. The key changes made in the snapshot are the removal of the inventory system, removal of enchanting and experience, lifting and throwing, combat changes, and adjustments to a few blocks, most notably the chests.

While these changes are not going to make it to the main game, it is great to relive the experience of figuring out how things work. This will undoubtedly take fans back to the first time they played Minecraft. The wrestling system is a silly addition and lets players attack enemies by basically throwing them into objects. Also, with no inventory system, chests will explode when gamers try to open them, much like how beds work in the Nether and the End.

Future of One Block At A Time

While the snapshot was released as a prank, it has a real chance to turn into a mod or a map for multiplayer servers. The wrestling mechanics would be great for people who want to run around and toss mobs and different blocks at their friends. It could also be launched as a game mode within Survival Mode itself, but Mojang may need to include the inventory system again. However, having players only be able to move a single block at a time would make the game somewhat more realistic and would amplify the need for moving storage like Llamas.

The snapshot seems like an exciting opportunity for Mojang to include tons of new content to the already massive game of Minecraft. A game mode that forces players to move around with only one block would require them to strategically plan out builds before they start construction, plus the time it would take to make a single house would be greatly increased as well. While many players may not enjoy this, there is a group of fans who would undoubtedly find this relaxing and entertaining.

Mojang’s April Fool’s prank may not have shocked any fans into thinking that the game is set to change forever, but it did provide a fun idea of what such huge changes would look like. Whether Mojang decides to continue updating the One Block At A Time snapshot or whether it keeps it as a yearly tradition is yet to be seen, but the update offers tons to do and will send most fans back to the nostalgic days of figuring out the game’s mechanics once again. With the Wild Update set to release sometime this year, however, many fans are hoping that future snapshots will heavily feature the new changes coming with Minecraft update 1.19.

Minecraft is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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