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Which Sonic The Hedgehog Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac

Which Sonic The Hedgehog Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 20:55 PM

Your Zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself, it can even show you what Sonic the Hedgehog character you're most like!

p>Sonic the Hedgehog continues to amaze fans old and new with his astonishing feats of speed. And with the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can amp up his power level to take down the mightiest of foes. Thankfully, Sonic isn't always alone in his adventures. Alongside him lie some of the most iconic and entertaining allies, rivals, and enemies in the Sonic franchise.

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In turn, it's no question that some fans may just associate themselves with some standout characters in the series. However, fans might also want to use their Zodiac signs as a basis to identify just which characters suit them the most.

Updated on April 5, 2022, by Rhenn Taguiam: With Sonic the Hedgehog facing yet another perilous journey against Doctor Eggman, the Blue Blur embarks on a journey to stop the megalomaniacal scientist from using the Chaos Emeralds in his conquest for world domination. Accompanying Sonic is Miles “Tails” Prower, but also on Doctor Eggman’s side is the enigmatic Knuckles the Echidna. With the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 plot being reminiscent of the original Sonic The Hedgehog 2 game, players would undoubtedly miss some of their fan-favorite characters from the games. However, just which characters from the Sonic franchise do players connect best with, especially based on their zodiac?

18 Aries: Vector The Crocodile

Despite his burly appearance, Vector the Crocodile actually spearheads the Chaotix Detective Agency. While he looks imposing and intimidating on the outside, his big heart is ready to take on any task to help his friends - and most especially if it makes a big buck. His outward rude manners make him a bit aggressive, but he hides a detective’s mind underneath his demeanor.

Similar to Vector the Crocodile, Aries can look aggressive and combative at first despite their good intentions. Their intimidating nature can make them difficult to approach at first, but it’s precisely their aggressive nature that makes them capable of not just asserting themselves but also protecting their friends and the people they care for.

17 Aries: Amy Rose

Amy Rose has a huge crush on Sonic, and even proclaims herself as his girlfriend - but she's also a cheerful hedgehog with an unbreakable optimistic spirit, sometimes to the fear of her friends. As a free spirit, Amy never hesitates to express herself and her thoughts to her friends. She's also a proactive person - always the first to pursue her goals, regardless of what everyone says. With these in mind, Amy's attitude highlights that of Aries.

Similar to Aries, Amy has a powerful personality. She's not shy about revealing her assertive and emotional nature - be it when gets angry, sad, or happy. Amy, like Aries, doesn't want to keep hiding her emotions when she has the capacity to share them with others.

16 Taurus: Cream The Rabbit

Cream the Rabbit has a reputation of perhaps being the nicest of all characters in the franchise. Almost princess-like in upbringing, Cream is just as polite as she is childish and pure as she is naive. Regardless of whom she's talking to, Cream retains grace and an optimistic attitude wherever she goes. Even when interacting with villains, Cream remains polite before attacking her foes mercilessly.

Her innately calm and pure attitude reflects that of the Taurus. Cream, like a Taurus, remains calm and steady and "logical" - insofar as logical is optimistic. Cream likes to find solutions to problems with a smile on her face - as, like a Taurus, Cream persists in finding a practical solution to any dilemma.

15 Taurus: Big The Cat

If there’s anything one can say to describe Big the Cat, it’s probably the fact that he loves eating everything. While he has this imposing stature, he’s extremely easygoing and gentle, sometimes to the point of being viewed as dim-witted. However, beneath this gentleness is a unique toughness and strength that makes him one of Sonic’s most formidable allies, especially when it comes to grounding enemies throughout the games.

Like Big the Cat, a Taurus has a particular love for all things food - as well as the material and the financial. Ever the grounded individual, Taurus love expressing themselves with something tangible, be it through saving money, living lavishly, or eating a lot of food like Big the Cat. However, accompanying their focus on the material is also their grounded nature, capable of asserting logic and reason before emotions and aggression.

14 Gemini: E-123 Omega

Albeit a robot, E-123 Omega easily fits the bill as a fan favorite among franchise characters. Serving as the most powerful of Eggman's E-Series robots, Omega swore vengeance against his creator after finding out he was only assigned to guard Shadow the Hedgehog - wasting his potential. In turn, Omega has become an anti-hero in the franchise. Outside his desire for vengeance, Omega is dependable and loyal to people allied to him - especially when it comes to Rouge and Shadow.

In terms of personality, Omega fits that of a Gemini. Charismatic in their own special way, a Gemini loves using humor as a means of dragging people towards them. Like a Gemini, Omega has odd, erratic mannerisms that make him one of the more popular robots in Eggman's roster.

13 Gemini: Charmy Bee

While admittedly small, Charmy Bee and his nature as a scatterbrain and rather excited individual makes his status as a detective questionable. He’s known to be extremely childish and hyperactive, sometimes to the annoyance of his friends. Regardless, behind his extremely active and outgoing personality is a keen detective mind and an equally-sharp stinger.

Akin to Charmy Bee, a Gemini has a tendency to be comedic and humorous - not because they want to get attention, but simply because they have a ton of ideas in their heads that they can play around with creatively. However, one must not confuse the penchant of a Gemini for the lighter side of things for naivety, as their ability to turn situations into light-hearted scenarios also speaks a lot about their uncanny ability to assess situations.

12 Cancer: Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is that friend who just loves a great adventure - even if those adventures usually need a bit of saving the world on the side. Born on June 23, this Sega mascot can run at supersonic speeds and has the much-needed reflexes to match his unbelievable running potential. And when his friends need him the most, he's always literally just a few seconds away. In a crutch, Sonic can use the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic.

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Funnily enough, Sonic perfectly embodies his birth sign. As a Cancer, the Sega mascot has quite the humorous cocky attitude matched with an easygoing perspective towards life. And while he has a bit of a short temper - embodying the emotional streak of a Cancer - Sonic still has an unbridled sense of freedom and a strong sense of compassion and justice.

11 Cancer: Cheese

A member of the cutesy Chao, it’s perhaps Cheese that is the most popular among the race due to his friendship and loyalty towards Cream the Rabbit. Although mostly used as a form of attack by Cheese and known mostly as a minor character, no one can question Cream’s dedication to protecting and serving Amy Rose’s best friend no matter the trouble.

Cheese’s loyalty and closeness to Cream tend to put him behind the spotlight, especially in the shadow of Cream, and it’s no problem for Chao. This is similar to traits of the Cancer, who are more than willing to put the concerns of others before their own simply because of their care for other people. While a Cancer has a tendency to be silent in most matters, messing with their friends can invoke their wrath.

10 Leo: Doctor Ivo Robotnik

Renowned inventor (and mad scientist) Doctor Ivo Robotnik - fondly nicknamed Eggman - always wanted to dominate the world. Unfortunately, despite his 300 IQ, Sonic and his friends always managed to stop his plans. However, as other Sonic games showed, Eggman's penchant for arrogance and a short-tempered attitude helped him persist through his dreams of world domination. In turn, Eggman's goal-driven self is a hallmark trait of a Leo.

Outside his villainy, not all people retain Eggman's sheer drive for success and recognition, befitting the Leo. Considering Leo's unconscious capability to become the life of any party, it's often Eggman's schemes that often start an unforgettable Sonic adventure.

9 Leo: Jet The Hawk

His status as the Legendary Wind Master is more than enough to explain why Jet the Hawk has this prideful personality, but he has the skills to back it up He’s known for his reputation of mastering Extreme Gear riding, to the point of constantly testing his limits by being prideful, brash, and arrogant. Always one to seek fortune and riches, Jet the Hawk nonchalantly serves as the figurehead of the Babylon Rogues and can easily assert his authority.

Jet the Hawk is a great analog to Leo, who by themselves also prefer being in the limelight for both their sheer charisma and their accomplishments. Leos are known for becoming the center of attention, and they know exactly when to assert themselves or just impress people with their talent and presence and let their work speak for themselves.

8 Virgo: Silver The Hedgehog

Hailing from 200 years into the future, Silver the Hedgehog traveled to the past to prevent his ruined future from ever happening. Thanks to his psychokinesis, Silver can move things with the power of his mind - an ability he uses to uphold values of justice and order. Naturally well-meaning and kindhearted, Silver's naivete and sheer optimism leave him a bit open to being duped. However, like a Virgo, Silver remains stalwart in his pursuit of peace.

Like a Virgo, Silver remains critical of his actions, especially his desire to stop a horrible future. Naturally intelligent and wise, both Silver and a Virgo are observant and perceptive - but they also have a desire to become useful. Thanks to his abilities, Silver can come to a friend's aid with the right solution to any problem.

7 Virgo: Wave The Swallow

Similar to Jet is Wave the Swallow, although lacking the unnecessary bravado of Jet but possessing just as much self-confidence. She’s the mechanical expert of the Babylon Rogues, courtesy of her lineage and her training as a mechanic. As such, Wave couples her slight arrogance with being hypercritical not just of herself but of the work of others. With this in mind, she hates thick-headed individuals who don’t take their work seriously.

Similar to the grounded Virgo, fans of Wave the Swallow tend to be critical of both the work of others and their own, preferring to keep their observations to themselves and work on their tasks quietly and diligently. However, when prompted, a Virgo will proudly show the progress of their work, which without a doubt would be spotless and held to the highest regard, at least based on their own high standards.

6 Libra: Rouge The Bat

Rouge the Bat gives off the impression of a sassy and seductive damsel - but she's nowhere near in distress. Part-time government spy and part-time jewel thief, Rouge is a trained combatant - specializing in stealth, flight, and martial arts. Possessing remarkable prowess in subterfuge, Rouge never makes her intentions clear in any of the games - but she can clearly get what she wants. Rouge's persistence in getting anything she laid her eyes on is a hallmark trait of a Libra.

Both Rouge and Libra are natural enigmas - questions with no intention of giving answers. A Libra can change their personalities to fit the people they're with - highlighting empathy and a penchant for strong opinions.

5 Scorpio: Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog serves as the antithesis to Sonic - brooding, cool, and professional to a fault. He doesn't want to show his vulnerabilities, and would rather treat everything else with indifference. Distant to a fault, Shadow speaks little but never bluffs - always following through with threats and promises.

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Regardless of his arrogance and coldness, Shadow has a strong sense of identity and feels compassion for his companions. This cold indifference with a dash of care is a hallmark sign of a Scorpio. Like a Scorpio, Shadow tries to approach problems from a cold and calculated perspective. Regardless, both Shadow and a Scorpio would want people to recognize their unique place in the world. After all, what's the point of existing if they can't become different from the rest?

4 Sagittarius: Blaze The Cat

Blaze the Cat is not only the appointed guardian of the Sol Emeralds but also serves as a princess in her own alternate dimension. Given her noble status, Blaze is often reserved, level-headed, and calm to a fault. Moreover, Blaze is nothing but elegant - polite, lady-like, and with her emotions in check. As a guardian, Blaze has total control over fire - using it with her elegant ballerina fighting style.

In turn, Blaze embodies the Sagittarius with her penchant for royalty and formality. Reserved and emotionally restrained, Blaze tries to hide a fiery temper, despite lacking a Super mode. She's self-conscious about her composure as a princess and doesn't believe in lethal force. Like Blaze, a Sagittarius believes in diplomacy and the value of words to resolve disputes. They often rely more on the potential of bureaucracy than harsh action.

3 Capricorn: Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna strives to protect the Master Emerald, a powerful artifact of cosmic proportions. To become its guardian, Knuckles possesses remarkable strength and fighting ability - coupled with his independent, serious, and short-tempered nature. Sadly, his loner nature does get matched with a hilariously gullible nature. Thankfully, the ever-dependable Knuckles found bonds with Team Sonic.

Knuckles and his duty-bound personality fit the traits of a Capricorn. Befitting his duty-first attitude is a reliable friend, with Knuckles always rushing to his friends should they need him. Like Knuckles, a Capricorn will always come to a friend's aid whenever they're needed - and they never leave a comrade behind.

2 Aquarius: Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic serves as the perfect Badnik, a robotic clone of Sonic. Perhaps Eggman's greatest creation, Metal Sonic not only possesses Sonic's speed and reflexes but also a myriad of deadly robotic weapons. Since his conception, Metal Sonic only aspired to destroy Sonic. However, his intelligence made him pursue his goals through his own means - often rebelling against Eggman and only coming back stronger after each defeat in various games.

Despite being the franchise's secondary villain, one might say that Metal Sonic's villainous streak comes from his aspiration to become his own being - without realizing his own unique features. These are core traits of an Aquarius, who oftentimes feel they're not "worth it" when they have extraordinary talents just waiting to get shown to the world. Additionally, like Metal Sonic, a motivated Aquarius can unleash an inner creative - being different from the rest, just because normal is overrated.

1 Pisces: Miles Prower

Miles Prower - fondly called Tails - serves as the best friend and sidekick of Sonic throughout his adventures. A two-tailed fox, Tails isn't just a talented engineer - he can also spin his tails to propel himself off the ground. Sweet and gentle by heart, Tails isn't confrontational. Often depicted as cowardly and timid, Tails is the last person anyone would expect in a fight. However, his growth would show Tails become braver, more independent, and more outgoing than ever before.

Tails reflects the growth present in that of a Pisces. Like Tails, a Pisces often appears timid and shy to a fault. However, their growth always reflects their evolution into braver individuals without ever discarding their kind selves. In turn, a Pisces always become trusted friends and confidants - always believing in a righteous path.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 will be released on April 8, 2022, in cinemas. This marks the first appearance of Miles “Tails” Prower and Knuckles the Echidna in the film franchise.

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