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Wordle 292 Answer for April 7, 2022

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  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 21:15 PM

The Wordle word for today, April 7, is another challenge brought to players by the New York Times Games website.

p>Wordle seems to be everywhere these days. It seems like there is always someone posting those little green, yellow, and gray squares to their Twitter or Facebook. Fans have even recreated Wordle in Minecraft, on cakes, and other various mediums. But for those who are new to the game or haven't played, they may need a hint or the answer to get through the puzzle for today.

How To Play Wordle

Wordle is a simple game that is played in a browser. Players will need to head to the New York Times Games website to play Wordle; it is not available anywhere else unless players want to pick up one of the many clones. Once players find the NYT Games Wordle, they can begin to play this viral game for themselves. Here's how to do it:

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  • Players need to choose a great starting word for Wordle, then type it into the website and press enter.
  • Next, the letters will change colors. Green letters are correct and in the right place. Gray letters are incorrect. Those that turn yellow are correct but are in the wrong place in the word.
  • Using these clues, players have a total of six guesses to get to the word of the day.
  • Words need to be five letters long, a real English word, not one of the words censored from Wordle by the New York Times, and can have duplicated letters in them.
  • Puzzles reset at midnight local time every day.

Wordle fans will gain access to the Wordle menu after completing the puzzle every day. If players use the same browser and device when playing, they will get to see their win/lose metrics, guess distribution, and will also find the spoiler-free share button on this menu. This will make posting about wins or loses on social media as easy as clicking a button.

Hints for the Wordle 292 for April 7, 2022

Today's word is a difficult one for several reasons; if anyone is stuck trying to puzzle out the answer, here are a few clues to help. The complete spoiler is further down the page.

  • Today's Wordle answer contains no duplicated letters.
  • The definition of today's word can be used to describe trying something new, or going on the attack.
  • The word contains two vowels, and one of them is an O.
  • The word ends with a Y.
  • It contains one F.

Answer for Wordle 292 for April 7, 2022

Still need the complete word for April 7's Wordle puzzle? Check below the image for the spoiler.

The answer to Wordle puzzle 292 is FORAY.

Wordle is available for any browser.

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