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WWE 2K22: How To Use Custom Arenas In Exhibition Matches

WWE 2K22: How To Use Custom Arenas In Exhibition Matches Image
  • Posted on 08th Apr, 2022 15:30 PM

Wrestling fans can check out this guide to learn how to use Custom Arenas in WWE 2K22​​​.

p>Even though WWE 2K22 is an official WWE game, the developers have given players a lot of tools to create their content to make the wrestling experience they want. Players can create their wrestlers, titles, movesets, and arenas from other organizations.

So if one wanted to have Roman Reigns and The Rock do battle in an AEW Dynamite or NJPW arena, they have the tools to do so in WWE 2K22. The Creation Suite even allows players to download another creator's content if they don't want to spend hours uploading and shaping textures.

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However, one question that gets asked a lot is how to use a custom arena in WWE 2K22. This is because custom arenas are missing even after downloading or creating an arena and selecting Match Options in an Exhibition bout. Here is a guide on how to use Custom Arenas in WWE 2K22​​​.

How To Create A New Show

To use a Custom arena in WWE 2K22, players will need to download or create an arena of their own first, then Create a Show. Here is the process of how to create a show in WWE 2K22 and use Custom Arena in an exhibition match.

  • Head into the Creations Menu.
  • Select the Show tab from the menu.
  • Select New.
  • Players will now find themselves in the Create a Show menu screen.
  • Select the Arena tab.
  • Press R1/RB.
  • And select the desired Custom Arena.

Create A Show Options Explained

The Create a Show menu allows players to fully customize their shows to replicate other promotions, WWE Pay-Per-Views, or their own crazy made-up shows and events in WWE 2K22.

  • Show Name: This lets players change the name of their show to something like AEW Dynamite as an example.
  • Show Music: The show's music can be chosen from official WWE Shows, a superstar's entrance music, or some original themes from the elements screen,
  • Commentary: Players can select commentary related to specific WWE shows and PPVs or select the General Purpose option for other promotions.
  • Location: This lets the player select the location and country of the show.
  • Show Image: This allows players to select from a range of pre-installed images and logos, or they can select Custom Images that have been created or downloaded from the Creation Suite.
  • Watermark Image: The watermark image represents the on-screen logo in the corner of the screen. So if players wanted to have the TBS or TNT logo in the corner instead of WWE for their AEW show, they can do so by selecting the Custom Images option after creating or downloading from the Creation Suite.
  • Show Intro Movie: This lets players select their show intro movie from the official WWE openings to Elements.
  • Referee: Players can choose WWE, WCW, Japanese, indie, and retro-style referees for their show.
  • Screen Filter: Players can choose a filter that makes their show look like it's from the 80s, 90s, black and white, VHS, and there's even an 8-Bit mode for retro game fans.
  • Match Up Screen: This lets players choose a selection of premade backgrounds for the verses screen when the match loads up.
  • Transition: Players can choose premade transition screens to add to the show's presentation between matches.
  • Overlay Design: Players can choose a selection of premade overlay designs that appear at the top of the screen when the match starts.
  • Replay Screen Design: These are a selection of premade backgrounds for the post-match replays and highlights.

With the desired options and designs selected, players should save their Show, and they will now be able to select the custom area in all exhibitions and special matches in WWE 2K22 via the match options before starting a match.​​​​​​

WWE 2K22 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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