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WWF No Mercy Would Be Perfect for Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

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  • Posted on 24th Sep, 2022 19:25 PM

Nintendo Switch Online only includes a handful of titles from the Nintendo 64, but WWF No Mercy would make a great addition to the catalogue.

p>When Nintendo Switch Online announced its Nintendo 64 expansion pack, it was met with criticism from some fans. Critics of the service were disappointed not only with the small selection of games but with their respective software issues, too. There were multiple technical errors at launch, and many of the console's more celebrated titles are absent from the Switch's N64 catalog. One such title, however, would make a perfect addition to the service: WWF No Mercy.

That is, it would make an excellent addition if it receives the attention and care necessary for online emulation. As previously seen, there were a few issues with Switch Online's Nintendo 64 emulation: input lag, texture misalignments, and internet connection problems, to name a few. Since these problems impact Nintendo's most revered games, there are some concerns regarding the service's treatment of third-party titles. Notwithstanding, WWF No Mercy is one of the Nintendo 64's most beloved games, and there are plenty of reasons to bring it to Nintendo Switch Online.

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The Legacy of WWF No Mercy

When it was first released, No Mercy received nearly universal praise. Reviewers celebrated the game for its simple controls, expansive roster, and detailed character customization. In the long history of wrestling games, No Mercy holds a special place within fans' hearts and often appears on top ten lists. The game is so beloved that, even 20 years after No Mercy's release, it's been referenced frequently when discussing WWE 2K22. A game with such a dedicated fanbase is more than deserving of a rerelease.

It's no wonder why its followers are so dedicated either. No Mercy's gameplay is simple to learn but difficult to master, which gives it a high replay value. Each wrestler's introduction in-game stays true to their actual WWF intro. Players utilize strikes and grapples, both of which can be modified with directional input, to knock out their opponents. Moreover, each character's finisher move is unique to that wrestler, and some reference moves from real WWF fights.

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WWF No Mercy's Game Modes

Another appealing aspect of No Mercy is the game's various match types. For instance, players can participate in their very own Royal Rumble, a battle royale-style event in the professional wrestling world. Its appearance in No Mercy captures the real life event's excitement, even though only four wrestlers appear onscreen at a time. Cage matches capture a similar sense of excitement; the anxiety of trying to escape the cage before your opponent gets up is something rarely even captured by modern games.

Nintendo Switch Online's multiplayer is a huge selling point for the service, and No Mercy has a lot to offer it in that regard. Multiplayer Royal Rumble and steel cage matches would make for great online experiences. These match types, combined with the various career modes, present plenty of opportunities to incorporate co-op, too. Players could conduct online tournaments and utilize their custom-made characters to fight.

Nintendo's online service is also a great tool for game preservation. Since the only official release of WWF No Mercy was on the Nintendo 64, playing the game will only become more difficult as time goes on. For such a popular game, it seems a disservice not to make it accessible to new generations of gamers. Adding it to Nintendo Switch Online could fix that problem easily.

Much like Rare and Golden Eye 64, it would be a challenge for Nintendo to secure the rights for a No Mercy rerelease. Banjo Kazooie made it to Nintendo Switch Online, though, and Sora made it into Super Smash Bros., so it's not out of the question for Nintendo to have those conversations with copyright holders. WWF No Mercy is a beloved part of pro wrestling's video game history. Bringing it online would very likely incentivize players to purchase the expanded service.

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