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Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Should Play Cyber Shadow While They Still Can

Xbox Game Pass Subscribers Should Play Cyber Shadow While They Still Can Image
  • Posted on 25th Sep, 2022 13:50 PM

Fans of 2D action platformer games should definitely check out Cyber Shadow before it leaves Xbox Game Pass at the end of January.

p>While Microsoft's subscription service Xbox Game Pass has already proven popular with players, it is still pulling out all the stops when it comes to creating an impressive library of games. In addition to spotlighting older and potentially overlooked titles alongside bigger releases, Xbox Game Pass is rolling out an almost constantly changing line up of great games. Unfortunately, new additions mean that some games must inevitably be removed, but with roughly a year on average of time on the subscription service, there is still plenty of opportunity for players to try out the dizzying array of titles.

With the recent news that Microsoft has acquired Activision Blizzard, players are no doubt expecting many of the gaming behemoth's most popular titles to make their way onto Xbox Game Pass to join the other exciting additions. For some games, their time is coming to an end. Mechanical Head Studios' side-scrolling platformer Cyber Shadow will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on January 31, alongside titles like Nowhere Prophet and Prison Architect. While there are still a few days left for Cyber Shadow on the subscription service, players should really check out the nostalgia-ridden action game for a quick blast of fast-paced fighting and a charmingly retro 8-bit aesthetic.

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The World Of Cyber Shadow

Set in the ruins of the fictional Mekacity, Cyber Shadow follows a cyborg ninja named Shadow as he attempts to free the spirits of his captured clan members. As one of the last surviving members of his clan, Shadow must travel through Mekacity with his robotic guide L-Gion and stop cybernetic beings from harvesting the powers from his former allies. Battling antagonist Dr. Progen’s synthetic army and uncovering the secrets of Shadow's clan and past love comprises the main plot of Cyber Shadow, and provides a fun and fairly straightforward tale of redemption and ninja-style revenge.

The 2D action and linear stages start off in familiar territory, with masses of robotic minions to hack and slash through and a handful of bosses to battle, but as the game progresses players can gain more special abilities. From ranged attacks to moves that help Shadow gain more verticality while also taking down enemies, the combat becomes much more fun and dynamic across the 10-hour story. Reminiscent of popular titles like Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man, Cyber Shadow is a game that fits comfortably in the classic NES platformer category, and provides the same instant thrills and frustrating challenges.

Why Cyber Shadow Is Worth A Look

For any gamers looking for something that has the look and feel of an arcade-style platformer but still has modern design sensibilities that make it feel slicker and more fluid, then Cyber Shadow is definitely worth a try. Cyber Shadow has the same retro spirit as an older game for a nostalgic playing experience, but it combines it with a newer, shinier veneer that makes it infinitely more playable in the landscape of today's gaming. While it doesn't exactly break new ground with a lot of its mechanics or aesthetics, Cyber Shadow is a lovingly crafted and well-made game, complete with classic ninja-focused action sequences and wonderfully camp craziness.

With overwhelming odds and enemies approaching from all sides, the fast-paced action can lead to more than a few restarts after players die again and again, but the challenge is half the fun. Everything from the soundtrack to the animated cinematic cutscenes feels straight out of an era of games gone by, and alongside the familiarly frustrating frequency of death Cyber Shadow brings all the best things together from the games that inspired it.

With a relatively short playtime compared to most modern games, players need not invest hours and hours in Cyber Shadow. For any gamers looking to dive into a quick nostalgia-fest and rough up some synthetic lifeforms in the way that only a highly skilled ninja can, Cyber Shadow is the perfect game to wile away an afternoon to two.

Cyber Shadow is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Xbox One.

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