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Yaddle Could Play a Huge Role in Star Wars High Republic Video Games

Yaddle Could Play a Huge Role in Star Wars High Republic Video Games Image
  • Posted on 19th Nov, 2022 15:50 PM

Star Wars fans have learned a lot about Yaddle recently, and as a result she could play a huge role in video games based on the High Republic era.

p>The Star Wars universe has presented fans stories full of memorable characters and vibrant worlds, and the new High Republic series of books and comics introduce even more heroes and villains during a time period that was previously unexplored. Video games are a natural medium to explore the High Republic further - with Star Wars: Eclipse already slated to take place during the period - and characters like Yaddle could play a significant part in stories that come to PC and consoles.

The current High Republic series will span three phases, each having three waves of novels and comics. Phase One focused on the struggle between the Jedi and the Nihil, a rogue organization in the Outer Rim set 232 years before the Battle of Yavin (BBY). Phase Two began in October 2022, set in 382 BBY, and appears to be establishing the creation of the Nihil. The High Republic includes few recognizable characters for Star Wars fans, instead introducing new Jedi, Padawans, and villains while painting a picture of the Republic before the turmoil of the Prequels.

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How Yaddle Can Fit into Star Wars Video Games

Star Wars fans with a keen eye will notice another character from the Prequel Trilogy, because Yoda was not the only Jedi Master of his species to serve on the Jedi Council during Episode One. He was joined by Yaddle, a Jedi with a long history that fans are learning a lot more about with the High Republic era becoming a focal point of the franchise.

Yaddle was passionate about teaching and learning, spending much of her time during the High Republic era teaching younglings and thus establishing strong relationships with many Jedi. This includes High Republic Jedi Knight Vernestra Rwoh, who plays a significant role in Phase One. The new Tales of the Jedi series on Disney+ features Yaddle in one episode, but she has already had a presence in video games as well.

In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Greez Dritus told stories about how legendary Yaddle is and the impact she had made on the Jedi Order, but Yaddle's inclusion in High Republic-era video games should not end there. Since she is known for her wisdom and commitment to learning, she could easily serve as the mentor figure for the protagonist in any game of the era, starting with the upcoming Star Wars: Eclipse. She could serve as a character that fills in a lot of the story gaps for players, giving exposition through dialogue, or she could be a mentor that helps players develop their knowledge in a skill tree.

Whereas Yoda is often seen as a mythical figure by younger Jedi and Padawans in High Republic material, Yaddle was often in direct contact with many of the initiates. Her relationships with so many Jedi during this era make Yaddle a character who could easily accompany High Republic Jedi on video game adventures without disrupting Star Wars' canon, and her demonstrated combat ability in Tales of the Jedi shows she would be a lot more than just an advisor. She is wise, but also powerful in both the Force and combat techniques, making her a dangerous enemy for the Nihil or any other evil doers that arise to stand against the Jedi of the High Republic.

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