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Yakuza 0: 10 Best Ways To Invest Money

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  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 08:25 AM

Once players have earned stacks of money in Yakuza 0, how should they spend it all? Here are some of the best ways to invest your yen.

p>Yakuza 0 is considered by many to be the greatest game in the Yakuza series and a perfect starting point for fans who wish to get into the series. This title allows players a peek into the lives of Kiryu and Majima before they became the characters that fans know and love. It's the biggest draw of this story, and serves as a major reason for why Yakuza 0 is so compelling.

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One thing that people will notice in Yakuza 0 is that money makes the world go 'round. Everything from equipment to the protagonists' combat aptitude can be upgraded with tons of yen. With the number of avenues where players can spend moneysome players are left befuddled. Here are ten of the most recommended avenues of investment.

10/10 Upgrading The Properties Of Tachibana Real Estate

Kiryu's Real Estate Royale is the very definition of spending money to make money. The returns from Tachibana Real Estate might be nothing more than a pittance early on; however, players who prioritize these real estate ventures will find themselves rolling in dough in no time at all.

Upgrading properties to S-Class and watching their returns increase tenfold is easily one of the most satisfying parts of the entire game. It can turn Kiryu into a money-churning machine.

9/10 Allocating Money For Partnerships With Club Sunshine

Similarly, it's important to partner up with as many businesses as possible when the player unlocks Club Sunshine. This allows them to get a decent number of fans without having to grind the minigame over and over.

This allows players to access Money Battles as soon as possible. These can net a substantial amount of money after Majima wins these encounters against the rival cabaret clubs.

8/10 Buying Gifts For Potential Hostesses

Of course, just partnering up with businesses isn't the only way to improve the functioning of Club Sunshine. The player can also find a number of hostesses scattered all across Sotenbori that can join Majima's cabaret club...provided he brings the appropriate gift.

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The great thing about these gifts is that they don't cost all that much. They each net a valuable hostess that can either take charge on the front lines, or serve as replacements if hostesses from the main lineup aren't in perfect condition.

7/10 Giving Money To Mr. Moneybags

A mediator that ends up serving as a channel between Kiryu and Majima to transfer funds, the two Mr. Moneybags' are valuable NPCs. They allow players to send over surplus money from one protagonist to another with little to no hassles.

It might be written off as an investment in the game, but Mr. Moneybags' useful function makes them some of the most important avenues of saving money in Yakuza 0.

6/10 Funding Equipment Runs At The Dragon & Tiger

At a glance, the equipment runs of the Dragon & Tiger might not seem all that special. Most players can be forgiven for ignoring this aspect of the game after a certain point.

However, there's no denying that some of the equipment that players can get through this side activity can be quite powerful indeed. Along with this, there's a substory in the game involving a mystery caller named Simon, who will ask for weapons that can only be attained from the Dragon & Tiger equipment searches. Thus, investing in these equipment runs becomes paramount to completing this substory.

5/10 Buying The Peerless Pole

The Peerless Pole is a ridiculously expensive fishing rod that turns the minigame into a cakewalk. The fishes pretty much form a line to be captured by the player when this rod is used for the minigame.

The Peerless Pole is especially important for Majima, who will require the highest fishing aptitude possible to find three rare creatures. These are required to max out his friendship with the owner of Komian, a restaurant in Sotenbori.

4/10 Purchasing Parts For Kiryu's Pocket Car

Given how uninteresting the act of racing pocket cars might seem at first glance, it's honestly amazing to see just how entertaining such a mundane activity is in Yakuza 0. As with most facets of the game, the stellar presentation is to be commended for this achievement.

It's a given that players who want to become the  ultimate grandmaster of pocket car racing should buy all the parts for Kiryu's pocket cars as soon as possible. Failing to do so means that players might have to deal with repeated racing losses over and over again — a prospect that is not alluring in the slightest.

3/10 Frequently Using The Dream Machines

There are several Dream Machines scattered all across Kamurocho and Sotenbori. Here, players can give anything from a measly 10,000 yen to a whopping million in order to get a randomized item.

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Some of the items that can be obtained from these Dream Machines — especially ones that cost one million yen — can be extremely useful. Players should jump on every opportunity to buy items from these machines.

2/10 Eating Lots Of Food Across Multiple Restaurants

This might not sound all that impressive at first glance, given the meager amount of money required to buy food in Yakuza 0. However, people tend to forget that eating all the items from an eatery's menu results in a valuable Completion Point.

Players should frequent these eateries as much as possible throughout their journey. This task can become even less cumbersome by unlocking the Bottomless Stomach perk for both characters.

1/10 Improving Kiryu & Majima's Combat Abilities

At its core, Yakuza 0 revolves around the stories of Kiryu and Majima. Thus, it's only a given that one of the most important and useful avenues of investment in the game is on the protagonists themselves.

Using a ton of money to develop the abilities of the protagonists ends up leveling up their combat aptitude to a massive extent. This allows them to take care of most enemies and bosses with the greatest of ease, turning them into the powerful protagonists fans know them to be.

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