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Yakuza 0: 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes On Their First Playthrough

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  • Posted on 01st Oct, 2022 08:25 AM

Every game has common pitfalls for new players. In Yakuza 0, avoiding these mistakes will help make the game as enjoyable as it can be.

p>The idea of getting into the Yakuza series can prove to be an intimidating one. The series features a huge number of titles, as well as massive and confusing lore that can take a while to wrap one's head around. But players who immerse themselves in this series will find a wealth of content spread across numerous titles that are equal parts intense and hilarious. The prequel to the main series, Yakuza 0 is no exception.

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That being said, it's very easy to make avoidable mistakes in Yakuza 0 that can negatively impact one's experience with this title. To ensure that one's playthrough goes by as smoothly as possible, here are ten common player mistakes in Yakuza 0 that are better off avoided — and what to do instead.

10/10 Ignoring Real Estate Royale

Out of the two major side quests that both Kiryu and Majima can be a part of during the game, Real Estate Royale isn't exactly as engaging as being a Cabaret Club Czar. Waiting around for properties to earn money isn't an engaging prospect, and going back to the office time and time again can end up getting boring after a while.

However, ignoring this side quest will end up being detrimental for Kiryu's physical and financial well-being. It might start off on a boring note, but players who stick with Real Estate Royale will find themselves settling into the tediousness of real estate management sooner rather than later. As uninteresting as that might seem at first glance, it's worth players' time to bear with it.

9/10 Failing To Use Fever Time In Cabaret Club Czar

Being a Cabaret Club Czar is infinitely more entertaining than managing the offices of Real Estate Royale. The management minigame offers short and engaging sessions that can be quite addictive. However, players should understand the power of Fever Time and use it wisely. Each level corresponds to the number of seats that end up going into Fever Time. Players need to make customers party legitimately for that to happen.

Fever Time can also prove to be a boon during Money Battles. Hostesses get rejuvenated and partying clients become immune to getting poached by the competition as well, which is a massive bonus during these intense battles.

8/10 Sticking To One Combat Style

Easily the worst thing that players can do to limit their enjoyment of Yakuza 0 is getting comfortable with only one style each for the protagonists, as opposed to becoming adept with all styles. The game has plenty to offer in terms of fighting, so don't be afraid to use every style.

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This mistake can make combat quite static and unengaging — a problem that the player ultimately creates for themselves. Keep the game interesting by changing up techniques, and master all the ways to dispatch enemies.

7/10 Using The Same Heat Action Multiple Times In Combat

Another mistake that players make frequently in combat is using the same Heat Action over and over again. This isn't just boring, but also less damaging, since using the same Heat Action multiple times in combat reduces their damage every time.

Think of Yakuza 0's combat like a puzzle when it comes to Heat Actions. Instead of doing the same inefficient thing multiple times, try and optimize Kiryu's placement with his enemies to maximize the damage dealt in combat.

6/10 Underestimating The Power Of Firearms

Firearms are easily some of the most powerful weapons in the Yakuza series. These long-range dealers of death can completely stop Kiryu or Majima in their tracks with one well-placed shot.

However, keep in mind that enemies with firearms generally have low health, making them the first priority to deal with in combat. Along with this, the guns they drop can be used by both protagonists to deal massive damage to any remaining enemies on the battlefield.

5/10 Forgetting To Block

The combat of Yakuza 0 is fast-paced and brutal. Given its intensity, players can't really be faulted for forgetting to take a breath and block some of the more damaging attacks in the game.

However, a big part of mastering the combat of Yakuza 0 is blocking at the right times. If they do so, players can absorb any incoming blows before unleashing a counterattack. This often proves to be a massive help in surviving some of the more challenging boss encounters in the game.

4/10 Running Away From Mr. Shakedown

It's understandable to feel out of one's depth when fighting Mr. Shakedown. However, players need to realize sooner rather than later that this character is incredibly useful when it comes to hoarding cash. After all, that's the most valuable resource in Yakuza 0.

Players need to level up their abilities and get used to fighting Mr. Shakedown. That way, they can turn this imposing enemy into a cash cow that most players would eventually be happy to encounter.

3/10 Wasting CP On Unnecessary Unlockables

Completion Points are one of the most valuable resources in the entire game, mainly due to the impressive perks that they unlock. However, players should be diligent when it comes to spending their limited CP at the Temple or Shrine.

The idea of sprinting infinitely might sound alluring, but it's not too hard to manage one's sprints to reach locations that aren't even all that far apart. Instead of going for these throwaway skills, players are better off using their CP on more important unlockables. Good choices include ones that will improve battle skills or make business more efficient.

2/10 Ignoring The Substories

Substories are the beating heart of the Yakuza series, and any player who's ignoring the flavor of Yakuza 0 definitely needs to be reprimanded. After all, they're sabotaging their own experience with this amazing game if they skip over much of what it offers.

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The substories of Yakuza 0 are either iconic, side-splittingly hilarious, or important to the lore of the game and the events that are to come, given that this game is a prequel to the rest of the main series.

1/10 Failing To Unlock The Hidden Fighting Styles

The secret fighting styles of both Kiryu and Majima are quite a treat to unlock. They become available after the player finishes Real Estate Royale for Kiryu and Cabaret Club Czar for Majima.

These fighting styles aren't all that diverse, and players will see everything unique about these styles after a few battles. Hence, it would be apt for the player to unlock these styles right before the final confrontation. That way, they can use these battle styles to their full potential during the most tense climactic moments of this excellent title.

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