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5 Batman Comics To Read Before The New Movie

Before you see The Batman in theaters, read up on some of the comic storylines that inspired it.

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The Batman: How Robin Could Be Essential To This Version Of The Dark Knight

The Bat's teen sidekick is a crucial character that's been ignored for decades, but Matt Reeves's new take could benefit from Robin more than ever.

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The Batman Begins Tie-In Game Walked So Arkham Could Run

Releasing four years before Arkham Asylum, the Batman Begins tie-in game seems a little outdated now but had some innovative ideas at the time.

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Why The Animated Batman Movies Work (And Why They Don’t)

The Batman animated movies are Inconsistent from film to film, making for a mixed-bag viewing experience.

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The Batman's Mystery Could Take Elements From This Classic Story

Of the countless Batman stories with their myriad of tones, structures and ideas, Matt Reeves' upcoming film should take notes from a specific tale.

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