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Europe Finally Reveals Its Top Selling Games of 2019

Europe’s best-selling games for the year of 2019, including FIFA 20, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Red Dead Redemption 2, are revealed.

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FIFA 20 Needs All Of These Leagues

FIFA 20 will launch with over thirty football leagues in the game, but some soccer leagues weren't included that ought to be in there.

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FIFA 20 Career Mode Will Have Female Coaches and Customization

FIFA 20 is just on the horizon and EA has released its own pitch notes for the game detailing its customization options and gameplay additions.

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EA Fighting Huge FIFA Loot Box Fine

EA is currently appealing a proposed fine by the Dutch Government, which has taken issue with the company due to its use of loot boxes in FIFA.

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Xbox Game Pass is Losing 4 Games Today

Xbox Game Pass subscribers should be aware of the four games that are set to leave the subscription service today.

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10 Cheapest Cards to Buy on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team That Will Help You Dominate

If you're looking to dominate your playthrough of FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, then these ten cheapest cards will help you on your way.

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