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The 10 Best Video Game DLCs of 2021

Over the years, DLC has been used to bring in constant content and new features for fans, and plenty of DLC in 2021 left a lasting impression.

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10 Great Ghost Of Tsushima Memes That Will Make Any Samurai Laugh

Ghost of Tsushima quickly became an internet senstation, making for great memes funny enough to make any Samurai laugh.

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Ghost Of Tsushima: Release Date & More Details About The Upcoming Game

Ghost Of Tsushima is one of this year's most anticipated games, and here's everything we know so far about it's upcoming release.

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Ghost Of Tsushima Shows A Huge Problem With Video Game Movies

Video game movies have undergone a cultural shift over the past few years, but some of the adaptations on the way still have a huge issue to address.

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7 PlayStation Heroes Who Have Caused The Most Mayhem

In certain cases, Playstation heroes have caused more harm than good. These protagonists have a lot of explaining to do.

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